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Updated the DataDirect binding to version 7.1.2 of the DataDirect ODBC manager. Driver Compatibility: Oracle. Added work-around for Oracle Instant Client to be able to use integer output parameters. Added a work-around for Oracle Instant Client to have it return output parameters based on the input placeholder Python parameter types. It would ...
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Oracle, ODBC, DB2-CLI Template Library ... (10000 // buffer size, ... doesn't have any means to get the total row count without going through the fetch sequence of a ...
PK ÑqZEoa«, mimetypeapplication/epub+zipPK ÑqZE iTunesMetadata.plist pû artistName Oracle Corporation book-info cover-image-hash 283782807 cover-image-path OEBPS/ Topics: Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( Feature Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( Feature Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Features Oracle Database 11g Release 1 Features Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( Feature Optimization for Flashback Data Archive History Tables Before Release, when creating or altering a ...
int get_max_long_size(void); Get the maximum buffer size for operations with Large Objects: varchar_long, raw_long, clob and blob. void set_cursor_type (const int acursor_type=0); This function works in OTL 4.0/ODBC and OTL 4.0/DB2-CLI only, and it has not effect in OTL 4.0/OCIx. Sets the cursor type. CLOB. Parameters [0]. Recordset") SQL = "SELECT PHOTOCLOB FROM netbadge. How to query a CLOB column in Oracle, When getting the substring of a CLOB column and using a query tool that has size/buffer restrictions sometimes you would need to set the declare v_result clob; begin ---- some operation on v_result dbms_lob. e) Code size is a lot smaller and development a lot faster. f) BRILLIANT SUPPORT - with the guys responding to some of our queries in less than 15 minutes on an opensource project - that is why the budget this year includes licensing fees :).
i.e. string buffer is not much enough to fetch the string. # fragment of code... myCon = cx_Oracle.connect(user, psw, dsn) myCur = myCon.cursor() myCur.execute(""" select COLUMN from TABLE where ID=1 """) for record in myCur.fetchall(): # ... Error is reproduced only if actual string value longer than half of declared column size. For short strings all is ok. From jarle.stabell at Mon Feb 1 00:04:20 1999 From: jarle.stabell at (Jarle Stabell) Date: Mon Jun 7 17:08:21 2004 Subject: XML query engines Message-ID: [email protected]> Glassbox wrote: > > >There exists a neat trick which enables simple SQL-Select queries answering > >for two given nodes, whether one is a subnode of the other, and ... " /Open Fold Strings = "If" "ElseIf" "Else" "Function" "Sub" "Select Case" "With" /Close Fold Strings = "ElseIf" "Else" "End If" "End Function" "End Sub" "End Select" "End With" /Ignore Fold Strings = "Exit Function" "Exit Sub" "Declare Function" /C1"Functions" STYLE_FUNCTION Abs Array Asc AscB AscW Atn Avg CBool CByte CCur CDate CDbl CInt CLng ...
The Oracle BI Server reads the NQSConfig.INI file each time it is started. Each parameter entry in NQSConfig.INI must be within the section to which the parameter belongs (Repository, Cache, General, and so on). Each entry must be terminated with semicolon ( ; ). You can add comments anywhere in the NQSConfig.INI file. Sep 17, 2009 · With ODBC 3.x, calls to SQLSetStmtAttr with the SQL_ATTR_ PARAMSET_SIZE, SQL_ATTR_PARAMS_PROCESSED_PTR, and SQL_ATTR_PARAM_ STATUS_PTR arguments supersede the ODBC 2. x call to SQLParamOptions. Before executing the statement, the application sets the value of each data element in the bound array.
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